Pacific Regional Oceanscape Program FSM (PROP: 2015 – 2020)

The development objective of the project is to strengthen the management of oceanic and coastal fisheries and the habitats upon which they depend, and specifically to strengthen the National Oceanic Resource Management Agency (NORMA) responsible for the management of oceanic fisheries.



“The purpose of this “Environmental and Social Management Framework” (ESMF) is to guide project implementing agencies (IAs) on the environmental and social screening and subsequent assessment of country-specific project activities during project preparation and implementation. This is to ensure that potential adverse environmental and social impacts that may be generated as a result of each project/phases are identified, and appropriate safeguard instruments are prepared to avoid, minimize, mitigate and, in such cases where there are residual impacts, offset adverse environmental and social impacts.  Click on the link to access this document: FSM Economic and Fiscal Update 2018