Regional: Improving the Quality of Basic Education in the North Pacific (2017 – 2022)

The project, Improving Quality of Basic Education (IQBE) in the North Pacific, will address factors to improve the conditions for learning in FSM and RMI. It will build on the successes and lessons learned under the Quality Primary Education in the North Pacific technical assistance and will allow for a more comprehensive and sustained approach required for effective reforms within the sector.

The impact of the project will be improved quality of education in the FSM and RMI. The project’s outcome will be improved primary education learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy. Project outputs are: (i) Primary school teachers better prepared; (ii) Capacity to use assessment to improve learning strengthened; (iii) Access and usage of teaching and learning resources and materials for literacy and numeracy expanded; (iv) Educational leadership and management of schools, including parent/community engagement strengthened.